(another) One for Dilla

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, the new Roots album, entitled Game Theory, is arguably the best work that hip-hop's most prolific band have put out since Things Fall Apart. I've been able to sit with this album for nearly a month already and can still listen to it with the same joy that I was able to conjur when listening to TFA during my sophmore year of high school. While I could do another album review this week, I'd rather not. Instead, I'll do another tribute post to J Dilla inspired by the Roots' own tribute track from Game Theory, "Cant Stop This", 'cause ain't nothing ever wrong with sharing the brilliant work of James Yancey.

The Roots - Cant Stop This

Of all the intstrumentals from Donuts, it was "Time: Donut of the Heart" that struck me automatically and had me leaving the beat on repeat, reminiscing over the soundtrack of my life that J Dilla had provided for me. The use of the Jackson 5 sample is so damn infectious. So when I first listened to Game Theory, heard Black Thought say his heartfelt piece on Dilla, and then heard the beat drop for "Can't Stop This", chills hit my spine as if I felt the presence of Jay's spirit hit the room checking to make sure his beats still made heads bob.

J Dilla - Love feat. Pharoahe Monch

J Dilla's last artist-driven record,The Shining, comes out next week, August 22 (buy that shit). Love was recently released on a limited edition picture vinyl ep that will probably be going on ebay for a good price (this dude's already trying to slang his for more than $40). Unfortunately I slept on getting my own copy and damn near every spot is sold out of the ep. This cut shows us Jay and Pharoahe Monche on top of their game. This sould music does sound good.

J Dilla - Cant You See

"Can't You See" is a track off another upcoming posthumous release titled Jay Loves Japan and illustrates the versatility of Jay's capabilities are demonstrated . Reminiscent of some classic Wu bangers, this track could have easily been placed on the Ghostface's classic album, Supreme Clientele. It is a shame to know that Ghost and Jay won't be able to provide us any new collaborations, especially given how nice their tracks on Fishscale sounded.

Oh yeah, pick up Game Theory on August 29th.


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