Hands down, the hottest thing on the internet isnt the Jay Z leak or "Black Republicans," but is the addictive as crack, Flash "toy", called Line Rider. I spent a good portion of this morning at work trying to recollect everything I learned from my senior year in physics to create my most elaborate designs, which ended up being nothing more than creating a loop. YouTube has thousands of clips of skillfully crafted courses (This one and this one have to be the illest). These dudes should either pop their collar for creating such masterpieces or step outside their mom's basement.

Try it out: Linerider.com

To appease some of you that might come here to get your Bay rap fix:

Mistah FAB - Hyphy 101 (produced by Sean T)
: Fabby Davis continues to deliver goofy lyrics to show these hard headed thugs how to have fun. But f'real though, FAB needs to stop leaking songs and release an album already because by the time he does release an album, I'm sure I'd have already heard all the tracks.

Lyrics Born & Mistah FAB (produced by Trackademics): The Cool Collar Scholar laces up a track for another amalgamation of hyphy/thizz and "backpack rap." (Spotted at the Fader blog)

Keak da Sneak - Stunna Shades On: Yet another song about the stunna shades. Off the latest Keak release, "Thizz Is Allindadoe," an album that follows the formula of many other Thizz releases, using recycled (or months old) songs. This is one of the few unheard tracks, and its actually decent considering the oversaturation of stunna shade themes.

Clipse feat. E-40 - D Boy (produced by Clinton Sparks): Standard crack rap track, in which Clinton Sparks loops a Forty Water verse from "White Girl" for the hook.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

try lineflyer bro, www.lineflyer.com

also, ghostriding was runner up for word of the year

November 14, 2006 1:33 PM  
Blogger Line Rider Blog said...

Line Rider can be addictive. Check out some of these line rider videos

November 15, 2006 12:14 AM  
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