to all the killers and the hundred dollar billers

Just yesterday, a good friend of mine and a frequenter of this blog, pointed out something about my blog of which I had never noticed. The acronym for "Fear of a Brown Blogger" is F.O.B.B. For those unknowing, the term "fob" is a term that has been used to derogatorily describe a newly arrived immigrant to the United States, in which fob stand for "fresh off the boat". I personally prefer the flip that Nump had created, "fresh off the block". (Slightly related, check out the Bindlestiff production "Fob Show" if you ever have an opportunity, or cop the dvd that can be purchased at the site.) As a 1.5 Pilipino-American immigrant generationer, I have personal connections to the word "fob" and find very problematic issues with the use of the term, especially when used to create intracultural (is that even a word?) conflict among Pilipino-Americans. What a coincidence it is to realize that the acronym for the name that I created for this space I use to rant and post up random links has a connotation to a word that negatively defines the very essence of American culture.

So, I hope the few of you that have stumbled upon this blog have enjoyed what I have had to present in this space, with this blog nearing its one year anniversary in a month. Hopefully I've awakened some urge for some of y'all to seek more information regarding some of the issues that I've discussed and maybe have even taken action on certain things. And at the least, hopefully some of y'all have found some form of entertainment in at least one of my posts.

With the nearing of this blog's birthday, I've actually had the idea of changing some shit around, maybe get a url, make things more visually appealing, and even have a contributing blogger. It's all still being brainstormed with the same homie who pointed out the acronym, but we'll see if it actually comes into fruition.

On a side note, congratulations Manny!


Anonymous George said...

Hahahaha dude you should totally rock that shirt. You'll get all those duns shook up son!

July 02, 2006 10:55 AM  
Anonymous UP-graduate said...

All F-O-B's (and even B-B's) still, in their brain, want to change their accent.

July 22, 2006 1:29 PM  
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