(street date: 10.10.2006)

My introduction to the potentials of a Zion I and Grouch collaboration came on Zion I's "Mind over Matter," with the track "Silly Puddy". Amp Live's eerie spaced out production and Zion MC and Grouch's self-reflective lyrics gave the listener a lucid dreamstate feeling. It was in this song and then on Grouch's "Moves That Make Me", followed by Zion I's "Flow" that demonstrated the strong chemistry of the team to make some fresh ass hip-hop. With each additional collaboration, I began hoping for some more.

Luckily, the self appointed "Heroes in the City of Dope" will be dropping their first full length lp in a few weeks. With Zion MC's hard hitting versatile delivery and Grouch's complex simplistic lyrics, I have my hopes for this album. From what I've heard from the sampler to what appears to be the lead single featuring Fabby Davis, "Hit Em", backpackers might be able to get a solid album, something which I haven't come across in the scene in a while.

Zion I & Grouch - Hit Em feat. Mistah FAB

"Heroes in the City of Dope" sampler (courtesy of Eric K. Arnold & SF Gate)

Zion I - Silly Puddy feat. Grouch

Bonus mp3 that some Zion I purists might decry... A clubbish, hollar at a shorty joint, from Traxxamillion's recently released, "Slap Addict":

Traxxamillion feat. Zion I - Top Down


Fuck Rapidshare and their 1 download an hour limit and their 2 minute wait. Its Zshare from now on (or until I finally have my own place to host mp3s). I salute Zshare for allowing me to preview mp3s prior to downloading.

Bonus links:

An interview with Mac Minister

New hot fiyah from San Quinn (by way of Fader, by way of Catchdubs)

And tomorrow's my last day of this office job, then I'm off to get my Tom Berenger on and start substitute teaching again. What does that mean? No more 8 hour shifts with only 45 minutes of actual work to do, thus less consistent posts. The past 2 months have been the busiest this blog has ever been, but I'll do my best to update when I have the chance.


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