The cycle of fashion fuck-ups always re-emerge

Wait, before you go out and waste that $300 on that hoodie with ridiculous looking patterns printed all over the fuckin' thing, lets think back at how dope folks used to think polka dots used to be. Somehow, for whatever reason, the design caught on to become somewhat iconic as urban street wear. It became the thing to rock, especially if you were a back up dancer, but we even had Eddie Winslow and the Fresh Prince sporting it on prime time tv. We even had the the biggest supporter of the design, Kwame, who even dedicated an album to the print's adventures. But eventually, and thankfully, the appeal to such a dumb ass design that must've emerged as a result of some of that shroom and acid poppin that the re-incarnated Daisy Age of the early 90's faded away and became erased from our conscience, just like the "Method & Red" show.

All over print's make even the dumbest look even dumber

The most recent fashion fuck up that I can think of that can illustrate how absurdley goofy the all over prints are would be the infamous every team sports clothing that kids with no sensibility to sports and teams would wear. We all wanted to yell at them and tell them to pick a team ands stick with it. We all know that they weren't proving anything by wearing a jacket with every team logo embroidered on it.

Now we have kids rockin' these ridiculous looking printed shirts and hoodies that shout out to the world that its only going to be rockable for a few more months. Wearing prints of ugly ass ice creams, diamonds, and the now overused brass knuckles only speak volumes about how much you want to fit in to the in crowd. Don't worry boys and girls, we'll have the good folks at Complex to tell us what the latest fashion fad that we need to follow is. And don't trip, that new "it" fashion brand/design will be released by the fuckers (though I will say that they are smart mother fuckers) as a limited release. So you can go ahead and spend that extra couple of bills to let these bastards exploit you.

And now its even gotten to the point that folks other than Lupe type, Hypebeast folks, only rock the design. We've got Lil Weezy's Carter adminstration, Chris Brown, and the kids from The Pack lookin like idiots wearing this shit. To quote the kid who stunts like his daddy, "It's outrageous."

Let's hope The Pack don't make a song about their Bape sweaters [1]

Good lookin on Ian at Different Kitchen for pointing in the direction of Don't Believe the Hypebeast, a funny ass blog that takes jabs at the current state of "urban street wear". But what the fuck is urban streetwear nowadays than, rich hegemonic types who try their best to keep it hood by rockin grills with their Bape or Ice Cream hoodies? Just ask Serg.

Just when I think things were already bad, DBTHB shows me these.

To continue with capitalistic consumer themed post, ProHipHop breaks down the interesting placement of the Armand de Brignac champagne in Jay Z's new video "Show Me What You Got".

Unrelated, but worth sharing: A time when Biggie and Tupac were still cool.

[1] Unfortunately, I've heard a song from some other youngins who actually profess their love of Bape hoodies and theirs isn't fake because it zips all the way up.


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