"Lets get it, lets get it, lets get it, lets get it"

Yes, that was my Halloween costume.

But lets give it up for our culture that gave a 4th grade boy, from the elementary school that I was at today, the idea to dress up as a pimp. Fitted in a red velour jump suit, a blinged out dollar chain, and a red feathered pimp hat. I chuckled, not believing that his parents would have let him go as a caricature of someone who solicits prostitution. Hell, it could have been his interpretation of a rap star (which seemed to be one of the biggest Halloween/black face minstrel costumes seen this year, a la Flavor Flav and a slew of other instant commodified culture in a box costumes).

So I had to confirm my guess, and proceeded to ask the student what he was dressed as. And proudly, he responds to me, "I'm a piiimp."

Funny thing is, his teacher tells me the boy is a quiet kid who hardly ever gets into trouble, with conservative Mexican parents who wouldn't seem like the type to let their kids go to school dressed up in this type of costume.

What does this say about our culture? And I haven't even touched all the slutty Halloween costumes that are produced for children.


Blogger mr. pilly wonk said...

thats a sick fucking costume. i think andy warhol and webstar would have approved. problem is that its proabably hard to chicken noodle soup in that thing.

anyway, i was gonna say that i saw a few too many flava flavs, and i actually discovered a ucsd student on facebook who ACTUALLY did blackface to dress up as Tyrone Biggums. i dont wanna air him out, but i will say that he's in the Nation of Thizzlam facebook group.

November 01, 2006 11:05 PM  
Blogger ninoybrown said...

^^^ i just saw who you were talking about. great. and dude didnt even bother having the white around his mouth, nevermind the more problematic issue of dressing up in blackface.

November 01, 2006 11:55 PM  
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