Being that I have, for now, relocated to the Central Valley, I've been bombarded by news reports of city and school officials further dividing the generational gap between them and the youth. First their was the overreaction of law enforcement officers in downtown Modesto in response to the lack of coordination with an even that was being promoted as a "hyphy" event. Ghostridin' has been more sensationalized than ever, and now Riverbank Unified School District is deciding whether or not to ban Mac Dreezy's name from the schools.

Mac Dre on Riverbank's list
Riverbank school officials are targeting a new name in an effort to deal with an old problem.

Riverbank Unified School District board members will vote tonight on whether to add the name Mac Dre to a running list of names and labels students cannot wear at school.

Mac Dre was the founder of Sacramento-based Thizz Entertainment. He was gunned down two years ago in Kansas City after a performance and was said to be associated with use of the drug ecstasy.

Few students wear clothes displaying the name, so making it against the rules hasn't caused a stir on campus, said Robert Searway, 17, a senior at Riverbank High.

Some believe the name Mac Dre is tied to inappropriate behavior.

"It's associated with taking drugs," said Superintendent Joe Galindo.

Mac Dre coined the slang "to thizz," which is the state of being high on ecstasy.

"When we find something on campus that is inappropriate, we add it to the (dress code) list," Galindo said.

School officials could not explain what prompted the latest proposal. Assistant Principal Sean Rickey, who enforces the dress code, said that and other questions will be answered at tonight's board meeting.

District officials can make changes to the code at any time that go into effect immediately, Galindo said.

Like most valley high schools, Riverbank students cannot wear hats, bandanas, miniskirts and strapless tops.

In addition, Riverbank High School offers a list of terms consideredunsuitablefor school. It includes "eight ball," "Joe Camel," "Nor Cal," "Rolling Hard," "Sol Beer," "south pole" and "vato loco."


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