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Props to the following sites for their continued coverage and commentary over the devastation that has fallen over NOLA:


A few good sources of alternative media from that of the mainstream press; half of which are presented with that hip hop twist. Also (courtesy of Jay Smooth), this testimonial from Charmaine Neville really needs to be seen by everybody.

I listen to Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin speak mainly to get me pissed off and to get me away from the progressive bubble that I usually try to surround myself. But if I hear someone mention that the issue here isn't about race or class, I'll be liable to bust some heads.

Of course blame should be placed on Mayor Ray Nagin and the local and state level, but a failed head of an Arabian sporting group as the FEMA director? C'mon Dubya, you could've done way better, I guess you just like filling up your cabinet with failed business tycoons (actually Mac Dre would probably roll over his grave right now if he knew folks like you were referred to as tycoons). Anyways, Bush might have token African-American staff members, and he might not hate Black people, but like Kanyeezy and a lot of us know, he sure as hell doesn't care about them:

The Legendary KO - "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People"

And I can't figure out a way to segue into this, but... this weekend yo... if you ain't doing anything and you're in the Southern California region, roll to this:

The Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC) 2005

WHEN:Sunday Sept 11, 200510AM to 6PM
WHERE:Point Fermin Park807 Paseo Del MarSan Pedro, CA 90731
ADMISSION:$3.00 per person, per day

Click here for more info


Anonymous George said...

Yo Matt the MP3 linkaint working. Is it a song or an audio clip of the red cross thingie?

September 08, 2005 9:35 PM  
Blogger ninoybrown said...

should be workin now... k.o.'s website isnt workin anymore... i wonder who's at work at that one?...

September 08, 2005 11:19 PM  
Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

Good post. Just passing through, I'm liking the blog by the way.

September 13, 2005 1:31 PM  
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