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FAB gets literal with his yellow bus antics

E-40 feat. Keak da Sneak - "Tell Me When To Go" (music video)

There has been a lot resting on this video to propel the Bay Area rap scene to be recognized by the mainstream hip hop crowd. Message boards have been flooded with posts arguing either the monumental rise or blundering flop of Bay Rap, particularly the hyphy movement, with E-40 now on Lil' Jon's label. I particularly believe that it is the time for the Bay to blow up. Crunk and the more recent chopped and screwed movement from the Swisha House clan have made their way to the mainstream bringing regional heroes such as Mike Jones to MTV status, but now is the era of hyphy. E-40 has definitely paid his dues, even though I have to secede and acknowledge the fact that his older stuff was way better, but the man still has skills. As for the video for "Tell Me When To Go", directed by the same director who did Keak's remade "Super Hyphy" video, Mickey Finnegan*, it is on point. Many cameos are in the video as well as a nice representation of Bay culture with the inclusion of the sideshows, displayed in a grimey black and white visual illustration. So is this the time for Bay? I certainly hope so; I just hope everybody else out there helps me out to get this all up in 106 & Park when it premieres.

*edit: I guess my sources were incorrect, the video is actually directed by Bernard Gourley.

On to another Bay related topic... I've been stuck on the Bay internet radio station, 95Live, for a minute now.

And while the focus on of today's post is the Bay, and many already know of the many struggles against Clear Channel with the Bay Radio stations, Emmis Communications has dropped Friday Night Flavas from LA radio station, Power 106. Fight for more diversity on our airwaves. Sign the online petition.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please take note 95live has moved too a new server located @ www.fuxradio.com

March 26, 2006 7:06 PM  
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