Last week Rafi from Ohword and Dallas Penn from Dallas Penn brought the world a video that took the hip hop blogosphere collaborations to heights that the Tower of Babel could have never achieved. The Ghetto Big Mac clip is a clip that could have the potential to do for McDonalds what the "Vans" song could do for Vans shoes.

The video has already been getting hella rotation throughout the blog-world, and has even generated a bit of hate.

After watching the clip, I was overcome with curiousity (a curiousity that will probably kill this cat with clogged arteries) to try out the GBM, even though I rarely ever eat at Emcee Donalds. On the drive down back to San Diego from Turlock this past weekend [1], I ordered the burger, just the way it was ordered in the video, at the McDonalds at the Laval Rd. exit right before the Grapevine. For $2 (the double cheeseburger and the small order of fries) the burger was pretty much on point as a cheaper Big Mac alternative. It should be noted, though, that there are some spots where they have $1 Big Macs, I've only seen these locations around Los Angeles; so if you live around these spots, there's really no point in ordering the GBM. The only thing that I failed to add on, which wasn't added in the video either, was the lettuce.

Also, I should add that after 30 min of having consumed the GBM, indigestion hit me up, but that always happens to me after eating anything at McDonalds (why I still eat that shit? Blame it on hegemony).

While I do give it up for Rafi and D. Penn for bringing to light the GBM, its all about ordering a burger at In-n-Out with fries inside and ordering $1 chicken sandwhiches at any fast food joint with buffalo sauce (innovated by Mark Marcelo) [2].


[1] I rolled up with the homie, Larry, who was able to be a witness to the oddities of Turlock, seeing real live cowboys that went straight to Wellington Station from the Stanislaus County Fair. Its an odd thing to see cowboys at a bar giggin' to Mac Dre.

[2] Order that shit without mayo and pour the buffalo sauce to get you a buffalo chicken sandwhich.


Blogger sweeneykovar said...

yo matt, whatup its andres. I also started a blog cuz im in fuckin merced with nothing to do before i leave for Spain at the end of August. Hey is it cool if i have a link on my page to yours?

July 31, 2006 3:33 PM  
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