Phili Fili Pilipino...

BEP collaborated with the folks at Xylophone Films to make not one but two videos for their song "Bebot". The videos attempt to show different generations of Pilipino-Americans. The first one is set in 1930's Stockton, showing the farm working "Manong" generation doing their thing. The second video is on some house party/bbq with a bunch of Pilipinos tip, with a stereotypical Pilipino mom in the mix. Hella Pilipino "celebrity" cameos. Check the Kid Heroes website for more info on it.

I was and still am very reluctant to post this video just due to the fact that I have my own personal gripe with Black Eyed Peas ("sell out"/"fell offs" are just too elementary of terms to use). Not to mention, the song is cheesy as hell. But due to the fact that I know they funded the video themselves and are doing it out for the Pilipino-American community, I can't hate on them too much. Oh yeah, they got Native Guns in the video, make sure to pick up their new album "Barrel Men," its dope.

Also keep your eyes open for Charmaine Star and Nump.

Here's Generation 1:

And Generation 2:


Anonymous Some brown dude from Fairfield said...

Good stuff posting this up....I have been reading your blog and know that your not really a fan of the BEP so I wasn't sure you were gonna give this stuff a shot out on your blog.

Anyways...I thought this video was hella overhyped and failed to reach my expectations. Sure...there were hella fil-am people in the video but most of them weren't even really recognized in both videos...except for maybe Jasmine Trias from American Idol who was APL's little sis in the generation 2 video.

I laughed when I saw Nump doing his thing in the back during the barbeque.

August 04, 2006 10:08 PM  
Blogger ninoybrown said...

After rereading what I wrote, I think I was a little too nice on BEP for the video. There is just too much to be said for the video, that I didnt feel like writing about. I was a little too happy and fun for me, like it was on some Disney's "Small World" tip.

They had good intentions though, and I'm sure there's plenty of people that are thankful for the video. I'm just curious as to what Kiwi has to say about the video, knowing how critical he is.

August 05, 2006 9:50 AM  
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