more on GMA's newly acquired dicatorial rule

As I stated in the other post, the Philippines is entering another era of suppression of free speech. Proclamation 1017 grants a tremendous amount of executive power to GMA, such as prohibiting rallies and protests, allowing warrantless arrests, and taking over any facility for the sake of "national security. GMA won her re-election through voter fraud and rigging of elections, now she's given herself the power to be prevented from being ousted. Corruption and human rights violations wreak tremendously from her admininstration. When will the rest of the world's leaders call on her to step down?

Here's the actual text of the proclamation

Former President, Fidel Ramos calls GMA's actions "Marcosian."

Footage of Ramos making comments. (taken from Unlawyer)

Emergency order unsettles the press.

Daily Tribune, the publication whose office was raided by the police on Saturday, responds.

Renato Redentor Constantino on the "Progress and Regression in the Philippines"

With human rights violations already occurring and with more likely to arise, I would like to see what Dubya's plans are going to be. I'm sure he's having a wet dream right now wishing that he could declare a state of emergency and have a day with all the power. My guess is he's going to take the traditional route, like Reagan, and praise the Philippines for having such a great democracy.


Jay Dee's Last Days

Jay Dee's Last Days

The fact that the man was making beats in his hospital bed and up until his time passed, just adds to the mythic tales about J Dilla. The article details the true suffering he was facing that he didn't even want his closest friends to know about.


GMA Declares State of Emergency

"State of Emergency" declared in the Philippines, now Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is one step closer to taking dictator status.

Here's another article

And she does this as the Philippines is about to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of Ferdinand Marcos' rule. The People's Power movement against Marcos in the 1980's, with Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino (yup, that's where my fam got my nickname from) as one of its key figures, was one of the proudest moments in the country's history. In its essence, a bloodless revolution, the movement showed the power and strength of Pilipinos against an American backed dictator, as well as the second People's Power movement when they removed Joseph "Erap" Estrada from power.

It saddens me to see the Philippines having to repeat history and being placed in a position where faulty leaders are put in positions of power and end up abusing it. GMA has already been accused of vast human rights abuses, especially those regarding the silencing of reporters. Now she has granted herself a legal right to impose censorship against anybody who disagrees with anything she does or says. Fuck that shit!

Once again, now's the time to show that "Ang tao, ang bayan, ngayon ay lumalaban!!" Let's reign fiyah 'pon the corrupt and illegitimate leadership of the Philippines and America.

*I had originally posted that GMA had declared Martial Law. My facts were twisted, but instead, she has only gone so far as declaring a "state of emergency" which is very close to a declaration of martial law.


____ ride the whip...

I keep meaning to update this blog, but I guess I've just been having blogger's block for a week. Blame it on the mourning of the death of the late great Jay Dee, but I'm definitely set to try to keep putting shit up on here as often ass possible.

But right now, with the current dormancy of Get Stoopid, I'm giving it up to the Nation of Thizzlam for the latest Bay slaps. One of the contributors is UCSD student, so I gotta show love to folks from the Bay that are trying to help spread the scene down to San Diego, home of the Pilipino emo scene, ie: check Mira Mesa. And from NofT, I have to put up the link for the most slappin' hit right now: The DB'z feat. E-40 - "Stewie".

And, while I'm hittin ya off with some music for this brief post, peep the "Tell Me When to Go" remix by Trackademics. Trackademics uses his signature vocal sampling to compose a laid back hyphy track.

Adisa on the record industry's infiltration of Bay rap.

Also, support the cause, y'all should know what video to vote for. And aside from this vote, why don't we convince BET to stop the dumb ass censorship of certain lines and clips in the video.


RIP J Dilla

One of the best if not the best hip hop producer of the post "golden age of hip hop. May he rest in paradise.

Recognize the legend's discography

I knew about his deteriorating conditions last year, but I would have never imagined that he would have left way before his time.


Stampede on "Wowowee" kills atleast 73

Atleast 73 killed in stampede in Manila stadium stadium where 30,000 gathered for show

Though, other stories have reported higher death tolls. But, if you ain't already knowing about the exploitation and degradation of the impoverished population of the Philippines that are perpetuated through shows like "Wowowee" and other Filipino variety shows, what happened here shows the fucked upness of the country and its elites. I watch these shows every now and then when I'm at a Filipino household that carries The Filipino Channel, and when the variety shows come on, especially the contests with prize money, I get sickened to my stomache by the treatment of the primarily poor contestants by the mestizo looking hosts (and this is just a fraction of my animosity towards these types of shows). Hosts will begin to act condescendingly to the contestants hoping to win an amount of prize money that wouldn't seem like a lot in the US, but would provide a great needed assistance for a jobless family. Fuck these bastards for they're elitism. Now 73 are killed in a stampede to win the equivalent of 314 American dollars. This incident reveals the abandonment of a huge population of the Philippines, whose only hopes for assistance would be to win prize money on a game show. Of course, GMA will sound saddened by the incident, but if anything, she should respond back by taking action and ending the huge gap that exists between the rich and the poor in the Philippines. Folks is hungry out there, of course they're going to be running over each other to get some food on their table.