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After all the overblown hype surrounding the "bomb" scare in Boston, I've come to the conclusion that many Bostonians are moronic.

While the city of Boston and other fear laden Americans might not share my cynicism on the matter, at least the two white guys being charged for wasting the resources of Boston are able to exhibit some humor on the situation.

I was really close to making the drive out to San Francisco to cop one of those Mooninite Aqua Team Hunger Force promo light boards just because they looked kind of fresh. Now I'm thinking of trying to come up on one to pay a traffic ticket.

Luckily, while the monetary situation around these parts aren't as nice as I would like, artists are nice enough to offer some of their works for free:

Since Adult Swim generates some of the same fans that Stonesthrow receives, why not share that Chrome Children Vol. 2 has been uploaded on their site for $free.99? Get it right here.

For those still in the mood for getting free shit, DJ Eleven has come out with a pleasing, yet melancholy, follow up to his Summer Madness mixtape with Winter Sadness, which can also be downloaded for nathan. (c/o Fader)

The remix to Nas' "Where Are They Now" have been popping up all over, but O-Dub kindly melded all three versions together into one mega-mega mix.