RIP, Gordon Parks


"cause a whole lotta witches jumpin ship"

Aside from the Bay getting primetime recognition on MTV today, today was also a very good day for a group that was nominated for an Oscar for a song about the trials and tribulations of being a pimp. Big ups to Three Six Mafia for their Oscar win. The energy and excitement from their acceptance speech was as sincere as Halle Berry's a few years back. I missed the live broadcast. Good thing for YouTube.

On a random note, silence, please... And witness the wonder that is, J-Marimba Ponies. (Thanks to Music Thing)


state of emergency lifted in the philippines

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I never really did a giant tribute to Jay Dilla post, but that doesn't mean I wasn't as blown away by his passing as others were. The legacy that James Yancey left was one that may be greatly overlooked among the mainstream hip hop audience, but for those that swear upon the Native Tongue days, Jay's music encapsulated everything all us nostalgic heads had longed. The music that 9th Wonder makes can be summed up as an attempt to recreate the magic that Jay created (and this is coming from a huge fan of 9th). Jay provided the soundtrack for much of my life, by creating underated classic tracks from the Pharcyde, Tribe, Alkaholiks, Slum Village, Common, etc.

With that said, Jay Dilla did change my life. Now show how much he changed yours too by showing your support and copping one of these shirts (all proceeds will be donated to Dilla's mom, who was left with Dilla's medical bill).

Another really good read with how different artists remembered Jay Dilla.

Back to the Philippines, on a somewhat different note though, I came upon Mick Foley's blog posts about the Philippines. On the real, whats wrong with a country's news media, when more emphasis is placed on the well being of "professional" wrestlers than the actual state of affairs of its own country?

What?!! MC Hammer has a blog? Its worth looking at just to see the comedic piece that is the music video for "Look."

Hip Hop to be put on display at the Smithsonian. I wonder if Temple of Hip Hop folks would consider this a culture show (like in the 1904 St Lous World Fair)?


"Oust" Wednesday Update

Protests continue in the Philippines against President Arroyo's Proclamation 1017, even though GMA hints at lifting the emergency proclamation.

Running account of the state of affairs in the Philippines: INQ7.net

If you can't tell yet, I am not a huge fan of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. And from what I hear from a lot of people is that GMA should not be situated in the same position as Ferdinand Marcos. And that if GMA were to be ousted, who would take her place? People argue that the corruption is a never ending cycle and that GMA's removal will just lead to another crony leader that will lead the country back to the corrupt position that it has been in for decades. Though, I somewhat agree with the statement, such fatalist attitudes are not conducive to moving forward. Thing is, GMA's leadership has been one with countless human and civil rights abuses. Intimidation of dissidents as well as the press, has curtailed the possibility of having a proper democratic government, not to mention the rigging of the last election. Just because the President is not as dictatorial and draconian as Ferdinand Marcos doesn't mean she hasn't lead the country in a matter thats deserving of impeachment.