Free Huey!!!

"The Boondocks," not to be confused, but related to "bundok", the Tagalog word for "mountain," premiers next Sunday. I've been waiting for this ever since I caught a couple very brief clips at Comic Con this past summer, when Aaron Mcgruder premeired them. I actually saw a magazine ad saying that it was going to premier on October 2, I believe, on Cartoon Network. I made sure to get home on time, so as not to miss it, but all I got was a "Family Guy" rerun (no diss on that show, cause I love it too, but I wanted me something more anti-hegemony, and the talking white liberal dog on F.G. doesn't cut it sometimes). But now, its less than a week away.

I've been a fan of the Boondocks ever since I caught a few strips in the Source back in high school, and I thought that it was incredibly profound and revolutionary. I mean, how often do you see colored people in the comic strip section? Not to mention that the comic strip touched on a plethora of race related issues, and even attacking and questioning the roles of current "Black Leaders" today, and their dissassociation from the youth. The Boondocks was even one of the product of post-September 11 censorship, and with its distribution through a primarily corporate controlled medium of print media, it is amazing how strong the comic strip has remained, shocking and exposing new ways of thinking to a great portion of white and middle America that likes to hide itself away from controversial issues such as race and Bill Cosby's role as a dancer for chickens.

So, its great to see that this comic strip will be making it to television, I just hope that it isn't watered down as I know it will be. I'll still watch and support it though, cause I know Aaron knows what he's doing and won't be a person dancing for chickens. Until then, Okayplayer posted up some brief commercial clips for the show.


I eat squashed beef...

Had to put this up before I go teach some preschoolers:

Nas and Jay put an end to one of the most classic beefs, that brought us two of the dopest diss tracks, "Ether" and "Takeover".

A Nasir Jones and Sean Carter collaboration album???


Go Ignant

DJ Mark Marcelo gave me an advance of this Yay Area mix a couple weeks back. After the first listening session was over, my neck was straight hurtin from gettin stupid for 70 minutes. And that should be expected when Marcelo's "Ignant Mix" provides the listener with a pretty comprehensive selection of Bay Area slappers from the past summer.

As the mixtape begins, the listener is provided with the "Hyphy Workout," a short smorgasborg of past hits that became the hyphy circle anthems of last season, with "Hyphy" remix, "Go Dumb", "Slumper", "Hoes in Here", and "Gettin' Hot". The brief intro showcases the talented mixing and blending capabilities of the dj and show that this just isn't your average Bay rap mixtape sounding like it was simply mixed on Acid. As the album progresses, a slew of slappers comes on from The Team, Keak, E-40, EA-Ski, Frontline, etc. But within the mix comes very interesting selection, that of Zion I's "The Bay" and its remix, a very refreshing selection to hear especially with the recent attempts to unify the Bay Area Hip Hop scene, placing backpacker hip hop nerds alongside quadruple extra large tall white tee wearing hyphy rap fans. From end to end, the album consistently comes with it, providing non stop head jolting experience.

I've heard my fair share of Bay rap mixtapes, and I have to say that I really haven't come across one that provided a selection focusing primarily on the fun and energy of hyphy culture along with the precision of a skilled dj. B Cause and Boss Hogg provided fans of Bay rap a mixtape early this year that demonstrated dope slumpin and grindin song selections with skillful mixing, with their "Slump and Grind" mixtape, but the "Ignant Mix" provides an updated version for the ever changing Bay Rap music.

Check the track listing:
01. DJ Mark Marcelo "(Last Season) Hyphy Workout" with The Federation "Hyphy" Remix / The Federation "Go Dumb" / Turf Talk "Slumper" / The Federation "Hoes in Here" / The Team "It's Gettin' Hot" / 02. Kinsmoke feat. E-40 "On One" / 03. E-40 "Da Dummy" / 04. Ya Boy "Step Ya Game Up" / 05. Turf Talk feat. E-40 "Turf Talk is Back" / 06. Mistah FAB feat. Turf Talk & E-40 "Super Sic Wid It" / 07. Balance "Right Here" / 08. Frank Sticks "Shake Your Face Up" / 09. Theory feat. Juvenile"Get Dirty" / 10. The Team "Show Me You're Nasty / " 11. Keak da Sneak "Super Hyphie" with "Super Hyphie" Thizz World Remix / 12. Frontline "Bang It" with / Mac Dre "Feelin' Myself" / 13. EA-Ski feat. Keak da Sneak & E-40 "Club Talk" / 14. B-Legit feat. Jadakiss, Styles P, & Clyde Carson "Block 4 Life" / 15. The Mossie "Get Ignant" / 16. B-Legit feat. E-40 "Guess Who's Back" / 17. Western Conference "P World" / 18. Nump "Got Grapes" feat. The Federation / 19. Zion I feat. Clyde Carson, San Quinn, Turf Talk, Casual "The Bay" Remix / 20. EA-Ski feat. Too $hort "Check the Resume" / 21. The Team "Bottles Up" / 22. Blu Chip "Retarded" / 23. Laroo feat. Rick Rock "Super Stars" / 24. Furious feat. E-40 "Take You Down" / 25. The Team feat. Too $hort, Keak da Sneak, Richie Rich, Hammer "It's Gettin' Hot" Remix / 26. Tha Hoodstarz feat. Turf Talk & E-40 "Bullshit" / 27. Keak da Sneak, PSD, Mistah FAB "Show Me The Deer Foot" / 28. The Federation "I Only Wear My White Tees Once" / 29. Keak da Sneak "Super Hyphie" Remix / 30. Tha Hoodstarz "Get My Grown Man On" / 31. Zion I "The Bay" / 32. Nump "Stunna Shadez" / 33. Champ Baily "F*** Yo' Couch" / 34. Ya Boy feat. San Quinn "Checkmate" / 35. Tech 9ine feat. E-40 "Jelly Sickle" / 36. Gorilla Pits feat. Keak da Sneak "Scrapin'" / 37. Mac Dre "Get Stupid" / 38. Mac Dre "Thizzle Dance"

Here's a free download for 1/3 of the mixtape

But support that shit, a portion of the proceeds are being donated to Hurricane Katrina Relief.

For more info about how to cop the mix, hit up markmarcelo.com


Thizz Dont Stop, Ya Heard?



I've been pretty busy lately with substitute teaching and recently picked up a job at Barnes & Nobles, and since neither job consists of me sitting in front of a computer all day doing nothing, I haven't really had the opportunity or drive to really update this blog. There's something about getting paid to blog at an office job that pushed me to update this as often as possible, but since I ain't cheatin the system and gettin fetti while I post, the amount of energy that I set aside to post up on here has decreased. Aight, thats enough of that self indulgent ranting, so on to some important ish...

Ahhh snap... R Kelly's releasing a dvd for all 12 chapters of "Trapped in the Closet" on November 1. But he's gonna drop us with some appetizers this coming Wednesday, Oct. 12, when he premiers the video for part 6 on BET.

Until Wednesday, check out the Minnetonka High School percussion group perform pieces off of DJ Shadow's "Entroducing" album. The video is also hosted right here.

new music:
Fugees - "Take It Easy" = $o w@ck
Busta Bust - "Touch It" = @!ght
Ghostface Killah - "Be Easy" = h0t f!y@h

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney opens legislation to open government files on 2pac

Check It:

Press release from the ACFV

Filipino Vets vs. Arnold:

Filipino veterans in Los Angeles launched on October 3 their campaign to overcome California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's veto of Assembly Bill 15 (AB 15) that would "encourage" California high school teachers to include in their social studies lessons the sacrifices of the Filipino People and veterans in WWII .

Rallies are planned for October 20 in San Diego, L.A., San Francisco and Sacramento to convince Schwarzenegger to issue a proclamation in support of A.B. 15 and to recognize the contributions of the Filipino People.

In August, their bipartisan bill overwhelmingly passed in the State Senate 31 to 1 and in the Assembly 61 to 13.

I'll have some updates on times and places when I get more info.