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the calmer side of the bay

I'm a huge supporter of the new bay hyphy movement that has been slowly making its rounds in Southern California, but there was a time when I totally ignored anything coming out of the bay unless it was Hieroglyphics or some abstract lyrical underground rapper. During the last years when I was still living in the Central Valley, I was hesitant to give the sound love, primarily due to the hegemonic power that it yielded over a majority of the people that I kicked it with. In my junior high school and early high school days, I did listen to my fare share of the slumpin' mob music that the Bay Area was known, listening to a lot of ish from the Sic Wid It camp, C-Bo, Mac Dre, Mac Mall, JT the Bigga Figga, etc. But my mind frame eventually shifted to that of a close minded backpacker, who dismissed most of this as garbage music (I even ended up selling a bunch of my cd's to the Wherehouse that had those 5 used cds for 1 new cd deals). But when I moved down to San Diego, my homie Rodel gave me copies of Mac Dre's "Thizzle Washington" and "Al Boo Boo." I didn't listen to the albums for minute, until I had that homesickness feeling (how absurd must that sound to some... missing Turlock?). But one day I decided to put "Thizzle Washington" in my cd player, and as soon as I heard "Thizzle Dance" and "Boss Tycoon" I realized once again what all the hype was about. I rediscovered Mac Dre's catchy word play and unique slanguage along with the slappin beats made me fiend for more of the Furl. I guess it was part nostalgia of the pimpish mob music that I was so down with, along with a lack of gully ass rap in San Diego that got me back into listening to this music, but whatever it was, I owe a big part to listening revisiting the dopeness of the nonbackpacker Bay rap scene to my homie giving me those Mac Dre cds.

Right now, the stupid, ignant sounds of Rick Rock, Droop E, and E A Ski might be getting the majority of the attention as the Bay sound, as well as being the sounds that put me in the state of being that is hyphy (please dont tell me to dance hyphy, it aint a dance, its a way of living). But the Bay is still representing when it comes down to the more laid back mobbin sound.

Mistah F.A.B. - If "If" Was a 5th
Mistah F.A.B. has been getting systems put on slap due to his banger "Super Sic Wit It," but his versatile delivery and story telling isn't one to be forgotten. Kind of on the Jadakiss "Why" tip, "If 'If' Was a 5th" delivers the politics that Oakland is known for, questioning racism, the police state, George Bush, and even the credibility of John Kerry. Can't forget bout the chill production provided by none other than Trackademics. (from the album "Son of a Pimp")

The Jacka - Barney (More Crime) remix feat. Cormega & Rydah J Clyde
I could hear the Dipset Bird Gang over this beat, but Mob Figaz crew member, The Jacka shows the rawness giving us his illustration of the dope game and hustling, along with fellow Mob Figa Rydah and a guest spot from Queensbridge's own Cormega. (from the album "The Jack Artist")

San Quinn - Gangsta For Real (produced by Dug Infinite)
I got this track on a Demolition Men mixtape called "Best of the Bay Series Nuthin But Slap!". Dug Infinite produced a couple tracks for Common on "One Day It'll All Make Sense," and he's also known for working with No I.D. , Masta Ace, and DJ Honda. So when I found out that Dug Inf produced a track for San Quinn, I did my research to locate a copy of it on the mixtape and copped it at friscostreetshow.

And if you aren't the type to just cool out listening to some chill shit from the bay, get dumb with some more Keak (from dubcnn.com):

Keak da Sneak - Hyphie


all that i've been livin...

Props to the following sites for their continued coverage and commentary over the devastation that has fallen over NOLA:


A few good sources of alternative media from that of the mainstream press; half of which are presented with that hip hop twist. Also (courtesy of Jay Smooth), this testimonial from Charmaine Neville really needs to be seen by everybody.

I listen to Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin speak mainly to get me pissed off and to get me away from the progressive bubble that I usually try to surround myself. But if I hear someone mention that the issue here isn't about race or class, I'll be liable to bust some heads.

Of course blame should be placed on Mayor Ray Nagin and the local and state level, but a failed head of an Arabian sporting group as the FEMA director? C'mon Dubya, you could've done way better, I guess you just like filling up your cabinet with failed business tycoons (actually Mac Dre would probably roll over his grave right now if he knew folks like you were referred to as tycoons). Anyways, Bush might have token African-American staff members, and he might not hate Black people, but like Kanyeezy and a lot of us know, he sure as hell doesn't care about them:

The Legendary KO - "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People"

And I can't figure out a way to segue into this, but... this weekend yo... if you ain't doing anything and you're in the Southern California region, roll to this:

The Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC) 2005

WHEN:Sunday Sept 11, 200510AM to 6PM
WHERE:Point Fermin Park807 Paseo Del MarSan Pedro, CA 90731
ADMISSION:$3.00 per person, per day

Click here for more info


"bush doesnt care about black people"

Kanye speaking on the hurricane disaster

Props to Kanye speaking his mind. You gotta love Mike Meyer's reaction.

Let the backlash begin.

remixes, colonialism, and art

Aight, so today's my last day of work at a place where I'll be in front of a computer for the whole day (hopefully, atleast, desk jobs can eat a dick sandwhich). I'll still try to update this as often as possible, but we'll see.

I stumbled upon this Kanye West remix album by a dude named J.A.M.E.S. Watts, its called "Summer Vacation: I'll Be Coming Home" with Kanye's raps over samples taken from many of Chicago's legendary musicians. I'm feeling the remixes for "Selfish" and "Two Words" but y'all can listen and judge it for yourselves.

Willie Wonka is hella racist, yo!

Also, for those in San Diego, y'all need to check out the current exhibition by Writerz Blok at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego in downtown.

SEPTEMBER 1 through DECEMBER 11, 2005

WriterzBlok is a non-profit collective of artists that offers the youth of southeast San Diego technical skills in the visual arts and opportunities to learn more about aerosol painting through a series of educational programs. This fall, the group's work will be featured at MCASD Downtown. The Museum will exhibit murals by some of WriterzBlok's artists in the lobby and Fayman Galleries, augmenting their work across the street, the banner project on the Museum's Jacobs Building construction fence on Kettner Boulevard. This outdoor installation, the group's largest ever, is a timeline of diverse artistic styles used by aerosol artists since the 1970s. Artists participating in these projects include Daze, Chor, Huge, Nemo, Brian Lagemann, Kuya, Zodak and Sake, and Zone.

WriterzBlok On the Wall is supported by a generous grant from The Legler Benbough Foundation

I'm rolling to this for sure, but I still need to check out the Basquiat exhibit at Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.


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